We are not endorsing buying more than you need. Kitchen ESSENTIALS and shopping SMART implies buying what you need and making healthy choices even if you are stressed, as our bodies naturally crave more calories and endorphin releases as a coping mechanism we need to be extra alert and aware when we are shopping. Buying what you need leaves food behind for others and we can all get along, in the super market and the comment section 😊 Also if you know of anyone that might be stuck maybe put your phone number through the door and let them know you’re going to the supermarket of the shop if they need anything.

Want to know how to what to buy for your kitchen cupboards over the coming weeks? Check out our top tips on our fav kitchen essentials, items we always have in our cupboard! We based this on food that can be used in multiple ways and multiple recipes, is highly nutritious and is cheap and widely available.

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