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If you don’t enjoy cooking, you’ve probably contended with budget-stretching, option-limiting microwaveable meals and local takeout places. At grocery stores, you might wait in line forever just to buy a tiny, preservative-packed, flavorless meal. If you’re having takeout brought to your home, you’ve probably realized the high prices, long wait times, and bountiful unhealthy options aren’t worth the money.

With Home Chef, you can enjoy tasty, healthy, affordable meals that don’t come in a styrofoam container. This meal kit delivery service doesn’t just provide good food – it sends you the ingredients along with easy and thorough cooking instructions so you can make scrumptious, body-friendly meals even if you lack a chef’s touch. Below, find five reasons why Home Chef is the best meal kit delivery service available.

1. So many choices

With Home Chef, you’ll never feel bored with your food. Each week, you get 21 different meal options – three meals for every day of the week – that span the flavor spectrum from smoky to savory. Whether you’re treating yourself to Home Chef’s Japanese BBQ Burger or its Huli Huli Chicken Rice Bowl, you’ll never again eat monotonous supermarket frozen meals or repetitive takeout options.

Japanese BBQ Burger

2. Special diet options

Meal kits have long proven convenient, but people with special dietary restrictions can’t always find a kit that fits their dietary choices and needs. Not an issue with Home Chef, which goes out of its way to accommodate many lifestyles. Vegetarian, low carb, or wheat-free, it’s all on the table – just like your favorite meals will be shortly after you decide it’s time to eat. 

3. Skip at any time

Out of town for a week? Your Home Chef subscription is flexible no matter which meals you choose, so you can skip a week whenever with no penalty. Home Chef makes skipping easy, too: Just visit the website, find the Upcoming Meals tool, and choose the week you need to skip delivery and payment. It’s that simple!

4. Way cheaper than eating out

It’s not just easy skipping that makes Home Chef budget-friendly. Home Chef subscriptions start at $6.99 per plate, making them an absolute steal compared to delivery or takeout, especially after tips and delivery fees come into play. A Home Chef plate is often cheaper than what supermarkets charge for frozen meals too! No matter how you cut it, Home Chef is the most affordable healthy meal option you can find.

5. Makes cooking easy and accessible

Even if you find cooking annoying and challenging, Home Chef makes preparing meals a cakewalk (though the food is much healthier and more filling than cake). Home Chef meals come with step-by-step instructions that even the most novice of chefs can follow. With Home Chef, cooking good food isn’t just affordable – it’s accessible.

6. Home Chef has an exclusive offer for our readers

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Not convinced?

Home Chef is rated 4.5 stars on Trust Pilot and holds an “Excellent Rating.”

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